Tuesday, 9 December 2008

2 minutes of fame

Another couple of weeks gone by and here I am again. Things have been pretty eventful but the stress is gone now we have the internet at home again, thank god! (Or would that be 02?)

Last Tuesday we had our first mini-assignment, which I thought went pretty well considering it was my first one. I finished with time to ask Steve for feedback, act on it, and still allow for any problems that may occur when it came to printing. Overall I was pretty pleased with my progress.

This week we had another one to do which again I thought went well. One area I definitely need to improve on is my ideas generation though. It’s still taking longer than it should for me to develop my ideas and draw the final design.

We’ve also had to suffer something Steve’s been threatening us with from the start. Group by group we were called to the front, and with a queasy stomach and thumping heart I went to my doom. Yes, we had to give our first presentation. Although since it was a group effort and the maximum amount of time given was 10 minutes, we actually only had to talk for around 2 minutes each. So it wasn’t too bad.

I think I need to work on my typographic knowledge. I’m getting better at recognising typefaces but without some of Steve’s hints I wouldn’t have done as well as I did on this morning’s test. I’ve been playing the font game but the fact that it’s multiple choice makes it easier than what we can expect in a few weeks time.

On the whole I’m feeling pretty good about things at the minute, and I’m looking forward to Christmas and my 21st and the New Year. Bring on 2009!