Monday, 21 September 2009

Back For More

The summer’s flown by and the second year’s already begun. Looking back at how I was feeling at the end of the first year and the targets I set myself, these haven’t really changed. At this point in time I’m no longer sure how realistic the target of achieving three Merits and one Distinction really is, given that this year will be a lot tougher than the first. There’s also some major things happening in my personal life which may affect this particular target.

However, the other targets still stand. I intend to work on my creativity as well as the coding side of things and hopefully improve both areas. Though if I’m honest I didn’t spend time on either over the Summer as originally planned, which means I’ll need to work harder through assignments if I’m to improve.

I also still feel that my time management could be better, not so much in the sense of leaving things till the last minute but more in the amount of time I allow for certain tasks. Some parts of the first year assignments (such as the presentation for A6) I spent far too long on and consequently ran out of time at the end, which meant late nights before submission and a rush to get everything done.

I was a bit worried when I saw that the SMLP was our first assignment this year, thinking it may be the most difficult for me. However, I’m trying to stay positive and I feel I’m already off to a good start, having completed my plan and creative brief. It sounds like this year will be a lot harder but I’m ready for the challenge.

Monday, 14 September 2009

SMLP Resource List

PHP 5 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach by Lee Babin, Nathan A. Good, Frank M. Kromann and Jon Stephens

This book provides solutions for the common problems coders are likely to face when using PHP. It covers all the major topics required to learn PHP, such as arrays, and variables and functions. It also covers MySQL. This book has received numerous good reviews from people who have bought it and is by all accounts a good companion for beginners.

This is the definitive source for PHP and has lots of information on the language, as well as many useful links to other sources for PHP. It also has some related links like MySQL and Apache which again could prove useful. There is an FAQ section which could provide answers to any problems I may have when I start learning PHP, and there are also mailing lists which I could subscribe to if I need further help and support. This will also be the best place to start for any news on PHP and to download the latest version.

This site has lots of tutorials starting from basic to more advanced PHP code, as well as tutorials on MySQL.

As the name would suggest, this is another site with tutorials on PHP for beginners. It starts with an introduction to PHP and how to create your first PHP page and then works its way through the various functions of PHP.

The PHP section of this site covers the basics of PHP and explains variables, etc. in layman’s terms which could be extremely helpful for a beginner such as myself, particularly when coding is not one of my stronger points.

Tizag has numerous PHP and MySQL tutorials as well as a forum and their own store with more books.


This site has many useful features, such as PHP source code, tutorials, articles, links to books, downloads and online manuals.

Not only does this site have a PHP Blog/News section and various tutorials, it also has free online video tutorials. This will provide a different way to learn PHP than from articles and books and may help greater my understanding of PHP. It also covers MySQL.

This is another site with numerous tutorials which cover PHP and MySQL.


This site has tutorials, blogs, a news section and a forum which I could sign up to if I need more help and support whilst learning PHP.