Tuesday, 21 October 2008

HND in Stress

While it’s good to know A2 is out of the way, my stress levels have yet to drop. What with the move coming up on Friday and wondering if I made any mistakes with the assignment, I’m still stressed.

It was bad enough thinking it was all ready to be handed in Monday, only to find out I’d named my documents wrongly on the disc! I was able to burn off another disc after college, though it was a different brand than before (one yet to be tested on college computers) and the successful burn still left me feeling uneasy.

However, the disc worked fine when I tested it this morning and, to my knowledge, everything is now exactly as Steve asked for it so I’m fairly confident I’ll pass. Still, can’t help wondering if there is something I’ve missed and whether I really have passed or not.

Collecting inspiration for SketchBlog is proving harder than I thought too. Steve said he wanted us to be ‘diverse’ which I’m trying to achieve, but it makes it much more of a challenge. Annotating inspiration is also tough. Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words exactly what you like about something, and I would consider myself to be pretty good with words! But I’m sure this will come easier with time.

So now I’m looking forward to half term, when I can settle into the new house and relax. No doubt I’ll be feeling much better by the time I come back to college. I think a week’s break is exactly what I need and I’ll be back feeling refreshed and ready for the weeks ahead.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Awakening

Well, where to start? It’s been a bigger step than anticipated from college to HE. When Steve originally told us how imminent the first assignment was my stress levels were already rising. We’re just in the process of moving house so the timing of everything didn’t look good. However, now work’s begun on the assignment and I’m keeping up-to-date, I feel much more confident.

I must say there is a lot more group work than expected too. Steve mentioned ‘comfort zones’ and I think it’s fair to say I’m out of mine. I’ve always been something of a lone wolf, preferring to keep mostly to myself, so all this group work has been a bit daunting. I feel I’m settling in now though.

Today’s seminar group also deserves a mention. One inspirational piece was deemed inappropriate as assessable work (sorry again Steve), but I honestly thought I’d get away with it as artwork. I was a bit disappointed to be told it had to be removed; I mean I was looking for something unusual to include in there and it doesn’t get any more unusual than said piece. Still, I’ve learned my lesson and know not to include anything like it in future.

Something else I’m finding is just how long a day nine while six actually is! At first I found it hard to stay focused towards the end, but now it’s becoming routine I’m adjusting.

I could go on, but at 250 words I better leave it there.