Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Time's Mooving On

We are well underway with A7 and I have to say that for me it's gone a lot smoother than the last two assignments. I'm nearly there with this one and I'm confident I can get everything finished well before the deadline to allow plenty of time for any last minute changes and avoid more late nights!

In fact I think the hardest task was listening to the music! Otherwise I've quite enjoyed A7, and I'm just glad things haven't taken nearly as much time as they were doing for A6. It's been considerably less stressful and I've had time for me as well as work.

However, there was some stress involved last week when Steve told us he wanted to see all the CD artwork in Seminar the next day. At first I thought I would never have it done in time, but as it turned out I finished well ahead of the deadline - much to my relief.

I have to say I was also somewhat disappointed at the client's feedback after pitching my logo ideas, and was left with two designs to develop over the Easter holidays. Typically I came up with a better idea almost straight after the meeting, and was disappointed when Steve said to stick to the two the client had requested; though I can see his point. However I'm happy with the finished result.

I'm also pleased with my CD artwork. It's being sent to Moo for print as I write, and I'm hoping it will look good on the postcards when it comes back.

And so as the end of the first year draws near I'm pleased with my progress and looking forward to the second year; although I'm ready for the Summer break first!