Saturday, 22 August 2009

Self Managed Learning Plan: PHP

For my SMLP I have chosen to learn the scripting language PHP. This will allow me to create dynamic web pages which could enhance some designs. With knowledge of PHP I will be able to add a search feature on my web pages, something I find really useful on large websites in finding the information I want quicker than nagivating my way around the site. I feel that this alone will make my designs more appealing to clients (and in turn their customers who visit the site).

To further justify my choice I have used various different job sites to search for jobs within the web design industry and the skills and qualifications required by various employers. I found that PHP was listed by most employers, and I therefore believe that being able to use the language is a must within the industry. It will certainly add to my employability, and as mentioned above should allow me to enhance some designs, which will help build a better client base.

PHP is also supposed to be fairly easy to learn, which is something that is important to consider for myself, as the coding side of things is not my strong point. Learning material and tutorials also seem to be plentiful on the Internet, which will aid me in my study of this language.

I will also need to learn MySQL alongside PHP as the two work in conjunction with each other. This should also add to my employability as it was also listed as a key skill by employers (which is to be expected when the two languages work together).

In summary, I feel PHP is a good choice for my SMLP because:
  • It will allow me to create dynamic web pages
  • This language seems to be deemed as a key skill by most employers
  • It shouldn’t be too hard to learn
  • There are numerous tutorials on the Internet to help me learn this language
  • It works in conjunction with MySQL, another language deemed as a key skill by employers